March 16, 2015

So I finally dyed my hair navy blue! I had been obsessing over it for quite some time and I felt like the only way to get it out of my system was just to go for it. It’s more of a gradient because I didn’t want to damage all of my hair, but I’m very happy with it. It’s fun to channel a new look once in a while- as I said on Instagram, life is too short to have boring hair. Wearing a mighty fitted vintage dress with Jimmy Choo pumps.

  • Lera

    I think, this color really suits your style.

  • ashleydark

    i was initally worried when you said you were going to do this, but by god you’ve done it again! you look amazing.. i’m so ready for all the outfit post with this hair omggggg

  • Currently Wearing

    The blue hair look amazing on you. You can really pull it off, Karla!



  • Monika

    Love the color! I’m pretty much an advocate for everyone trying a fun color at least once in their life since I sport purple bangs on a daily basis.


  • Mel

    Beautiful dress! Love the hair

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    Your hair rocks. It love the dark blue; it’s subtle but fun once you see it. Gorgeous look today.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  • Iliana
  • Nico

    Super chic look, love that dress!

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  • Sofia Nilsson


  • Nomaqhawe

    You look awesome as always. That dress is gorgeous!

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  • Karin Howell

    I loveee that color on you! So cool


    A Style Diary


  • Emmanuelle

    It looks so good ! How did you do that, which product have you used ?
    Love the dress too !

  • Shari-Ann

    I agree that the colour change looks very good!

  • Eden Mint

    Beautiful dress, love the design.

  • PSLily Boutique

    Love the dress on you! You look beautiful :)

    Have a wonderful week!


  • Junjun

    I love this hair color on you! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull this off, but you do it so effortlessly!

  • Karen Farber
  • Jeannie C

    Once in you life, You should rock a crazy colour!

  • The Neon Factor

    Amazing dress!! You look amazing.
    || D I A N A ||

  • WOWS


    Kisses from

  • GoFashiondeals

    Love the hair color and that dress!

  • Hayley Appleford

    You look beautiful here and your hair…. amazing !

    With love, Hayley x

  • lavieenliz

    great dress

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  • Jenna Opsahl

    Oh my god, it’s incredible! I have been craving blue hair too, but it looks a lot better on your black hair than my red hair. Amazing dress too!


  • Colleen

    Your hair turned out amazing! Very subtle


  • Emily

    Loving that hair, you totally rock it and it’s super subtle which I love. Beautiful as always!


  • Carolyn

    the navy looks amazing on you!

  • lindsay @ VAUGHAN

    It’s lovely! Just a faint little tinge that makes us wonder “is it? isn’t it”

  • Serena C

    I’ve been wanting this ever since (im not going to lie) Kylie Jenner had her hair similar to this. This looks so good on you. Xo

  • Prudence Yeo

    Cool navy blue hair and the dress looks amazing on you!


  • Guest

    Lol it looks like you’re taking your dead fox out for a walk lmao. Like do you hold it for the sake of photos to create a certain “vibe” or do you really carry along as an accessory? Either way it looks stupid imo.

  • Nikki’s Haven

    Love the color blue on you! also loving that dress! Werk girl!

    xoxo Nikki

  • It’s About L.A

    That looks very great on you!


  • Whitney V

    Couldn’t agree more! Life’s too short for boring hair and that’s why I finally made the decision to cut it as well, at the end of the day, it’s just hair and it grows!! So it’s all good! And I’m loving the blue gradient on you… x


  • Heloísa Paiva

    What a incredible hair style! Really amazing, congratulations!


  • Melissann

    It’s absolutely perfect… the perfect shade….. its still dark enough it looks black.

  • Loonia Ali

    Amazing outfit. Love it!

  • Tracy

    Absolutely love this colour, it suits you like a glove!

  • Danae García

    WOW! YOU LOOK STUNNING!!! Love the pictures and that dress!!! amazing!

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  • Chi-Chi

    your hair is gorgeous; as is your dress!

  • Chiamaka Abasilim

    Gorgeous dress and love your new hair color. I wish I was that bold.

  • Yvonne Waluvengo

    Love, love the new hair Karla!!! Fab outfit today! :-)

  • Rosie Nikci

    omg gorgeous . . . you look so Marilyn

  • Daphne Blunt

    Pleeeaasseee take me vintage shopping with you!


  • Aleksandra Olszewska

    I love the look :)

  • Bisous Natasha

    I love it. It’s giving me Kylie Jenner vibes but even better 😉

  • Stefanie

    totally agree- whenever I get bord with my look the hair is the first thing I change. I definitely have some mistakes… but it grows out!


  • Lizzy Hadfield

    Ohh my gosh this look AMAZING!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Habba

    Wooww! Love your hair girrl <3

  • MsSole

    Love the new hair color!

    I blog here:

  • Eye See Euphoria

    Amazing dress and I love the hair.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  • Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

    Wow, the hair colour really suits you. That’s a great dress!

    / O.R.R.

  • Lovely Sharice

    Loving the look. Kind of reminds me of Kylie Jenner.


    love it!


  • The Style Exposé by Katarina

    Uh oh! This is so elegant and edgy at the same time! I love your artistic yet still very decent soul! Is there any recipe? Hahah :)

    Personally, I am not a fan of ‘unnatural’ hair colors but by ‘unnatural’ I mean hair being blue like the Smurfs :D. This look (aka blueberry gradient) suits you enormously!

    Love the dress – do you often visit vintage shops?

    Katarina Bradacova

  • Natassia Crystal

    Great set of pics! :)
    I really love that shot.. so right for a movie! :)

    Geekette in High Heels

  • Adrianny

    lol I had the same urge once and I did it! Shout outs to you. Hmm- might’ve inspired me again…

  • Nadiin.a

    wow I love your style.

  • elarmariodelanena


  • Cio

    Ummm…how do you always look so great???

    – x

  • Katherine Nova

    Shiny, love your hairs, you are looking fabulous…..
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