August 19, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Instead of babbling on about how much I loved Costa Rica, I will allow the photos do the talking.

Wearing a custom bandeau top, Wolford skirt, Her the Label pink bikini, Ray-Ban sunglasses, vintage 501s, Havianas, ribbed custom top, Chloe trousers, Hanes tank, Rick Owens skirt, Rupert Sanderson sandals, Miu Miu sunglasses, Charlie by MZ Farrah bikini and ACK one-piece.

  • Indy

    I’ve followed this blog since way back when, and I just still am so inspired by the way you make the simplest things so stylish and sexy. You are just lovely and are so talented. Thanks for the years of inspiration!

  • rachel s

    my style musee!!! You look gorgeous in anything!

  • nadia

    Karla i finally received the white bodysuit this week. It took a while because i live in London. I just wanted to say that i am so happy with it. The quality and the fit is lovely and i think i’ll keep the label you attached that talks about being strong and sexy. Just as a reminder. Thanks anyway and well done. Love nadia .

    p.s when are you doing that video where you answer questions? x

  • Lovejoy Styles

    In the words of coco chanel “a girl should be two things, Classy and fabulous” . That you are!

  • Amélie C

    Alexandra Spencer from 4th and Bleeker actually had a really similar post a few years ago – but love love love!

    On a Saturday

    • disqus_hK1w6BfNVj

      I’ve always thought that she pulls her inspiration from Alex.

      • Guest

        Oh yeah! So many similarities! I follow them on Instagram :)
        I always thought she was stealing ideas from Instagram and tumblr.

        • Thief

          More like stealing from Alex!

      • Amélie C

        exactly the post I was thinking of!

  • With Or Without Shoes

    Amazing! This is one of the countries I’m expecting to visit in a near future.

    Kisses from

  • Melissann

    Great!! Costa Rica has been on my mind for awhile to visit. Your brother is beautiful! I wonder Karla….. do you ever think your style could revert to your less minimal/more color/vintage days – perhaps out of boredom and wanting more variety?…… I definitely prefer your current aesthetic though. xxx

  • Cherri-lee Rhode

    Great pics! You are so effortlessly sexy.

  • Guest

    Damn miss independent, lemme borrow your parents money real quick. I wanna go on a vacay few times a year too. Lucky girl. How old are you btw?

  • Whitney V

    So soooo happy you loved my beautiful Costa Rica!! Loving your pics, loving your looks, and loving that you loved it!

    Pura Vida!!


  • Guest

    Keegan McFadden lol

  • Ronni

    Alex Spencer back in 2013 on top, Karla on bottom. Just click the link and there is no argument here.

  • Ronni

    Alex Spencer on the left back in 2013, and Karla today on the right.

  • Eniwhere Fashion

    Wow!!! It seems a really marvelous place and you had a perfect ootd!!! I’m Eni, blogger from Italy….Kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  • Nadiin.a
  • Guest

    “But I concur, her blog isn’t so fashion anymore, more like an ode to her own body. ”

    There’s a whole topic dedicated on how wealthy her family is and how her dad takes sultry photos… Lmfao its true but hilarious. You’re famous Karla lol

  • Marianne Goulart

    Stunning pictures!

  • TeamCheekyMonkey

    Karla this is the most beautiful and inspiring post I’ve ever seen from a style blogger! You’re true nostalgia queen with a wonderful sense for fashion! Now these pictures are part of my Moodboard for my Spring Summer Collection. I love you. x Max

  • Laura Hernández

    Karla I can’t believe you were here! Wish I would’ve run into you – but I probably wouldn’t have believed it was you ; )

    Come back!

  • MsSole

    Looks like an awesome vacation.

    I blog here:

  • sanssouci

    Love your photos! Great colours and movement!

  • Samantha de Castro

    You look amazing! Where are the earrings from (that you’re wearing in the water?)

  • Ashleigh Noble

    Your tan is so perfect

  • jual jaket kulit

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  • Mara

    Those earrings! Where can I find some gradient hoop earrings like that? I don’t even know if that’s the right word…they’re almost shell-like.

  • Adrianny

    yassssssssss! life. forreal.

  • jaket kulit murah

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  • Katheryn

    Absolutely love the pantsuits! Costa Rica is so beautiful and it is the perfect place to showcase your style.

  • Ronni

    What Karla is doing is child’s play compared to Alex’s work. Still complete bullshit though! About time she’s being called out.

  • Guest

    Yeah she really is full of herself. And notice how she never show support to her fellow blogger friends succes/collaboration/projects on the internet? Maybe in person she’s very supportive but she never post anything on her blog or Instagram. Because after all, blogging is still a competition whether you’re friends or not. I feel sorry for Nadia and Christina lol. She really need to chill, create her own style, share the love to others, give credits to her inspirationblogs and stop making so many damn stupid sponsored blogposts.

  • Hailey

    Although I see the similarities in the photos you’ve pointed out, I don’t think Karla directly copies Alex work. She’s mentioned before that she’s inspired by Bruce Weber and Peter Beard, who both create photo collages with script. Alex did not invent that style of photography.

    Kim Kardashian is constantly copying Karla’s style and as you see, there is nothing she can do about it. It’s just the way life goes.

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  • Ronni

    Karla, is that you? It’s so obvious! Kim Kardashian is copying your style? Get over yourself, really. You’re such a narcissistic wanker.

    The photos that are side by side on GOMI are identical:

    Just read the above thread on GOMI. The proof is in the pudding. You really have no argument, Karla. You are copying Alex’s EVERYTHING.

    Glad you are finally being called out.

  • Guest

    Kim k is copying her style? Whahahahahbahahahha biggest joke ever. Karla spends a big amount of time on the internet looking for photos for “inspiration” a lot of her photos/outfits and even her poses are copied slash inspired by 90s supermodels, designers, photographers and celebrities. And the fact that she has the same style as Kim k is probably because Karla is copying her style. Kim k wore a piece from her line thanks to karlas friend Tracy who happens to be kanyes best friend. So it’s all about connections and copying and pretending on the Internet that it’s “hard work”.

  • Ronni

    Btw, getting inspired by someone and blatantly stealing their work is completely different. You can see on GOMI that the side by side photos from Alex and Karla are identical. Karla must’ve had Alex’s work open for reference when her photographer was shooting her. Not to mention, Karla started marketing her clothing line the way Alex has been doing from months. No matter what anyone says here, this is in no way cool or acceptable.

    Link to all comparisons –

  • Ronni

    Amen to all you just said

  • Ronni

    Alex back in 2013 on top, Karla on bottom. Just click the link and there is no argument here.

  • Christina

    YO. Firstly, friends don’t need to support shit in the public eye. That’s not a requirement of friendship. She doesn’t have to post that she comes to all my events, sends me words of encouragement when I’m about to do something very scary or be present through our long hour cry sessions about my life choices over her tea and my latte. Friendship is not meant for public consumption. So. COOL.

    Secondly, why are you and the rest of this posse feed so focused on what she does so critically? Homegirl isn’t pushing you FitTea and waist trainers. Everything she provides as content is selected with integrity and accuracy to her personal brand. Why aren’t you complaining about the masses, pushing bullshit product? And if you are, girl, we need to get you a new hobby.

    Thirdly, Kim is not stealing her style, nor is Kar stealing her style. But, Kar does style Kim so what really do you have to say now?

    Fourthly, in regards to these ridiculous claims about her stealing from other content creators. Let’s be super clear here – content creation is ALWAYS inspired by. If people are so focused on doing a cross-analysis of her content, shall we inspect the rest of the industry and its’ counterparts to discuss replicas, inspirations or related content/product/curation? No, because who has the time? Let’s hope to God above, you’ve got better things to do.

    So, quit analyzing her work. Back the fuck off and find something better to do. Thanks and fucking besitos, Christina

  • Ronni

    Alex on the left back in 2013, and Karla on the right.

  • Nice Try

    All proof is in the above two links.

  • Ronni

    There’s a difference between getting inspired by another artist and plagiarizing their work. In the art world, what Karla has done to Alex, is called tracing, and that’s a form of plagiarism. I was a Karla fan and loved her work, until I realized that it was Alex’s. Everything from the way she markets her line to her photo composition. I know you’re her friend, but how you can even look at the side by side photos and not acknowledge that she took Alex’s work is beyond me. I’m not some internet troll here. I, too, am an artist, and find what Karla is doing to be very distasteful and disrespectful. She should acknowledge, apologize and move forward.

    The below is Alex’s original art compared to what Karla plagiarized. You may have an argument on the Kim K styling and your friendship, but you have no argument on the below, I’m sorry.

  • Guest

    Look at you being all supportive of your rich “hard working” friend. Good for you honey.

    This is a blog not an walking advertisement. You don’t need to promote a product every week do you? I highly doubt she uses all the fragrances and skin care stuff she got sponsored for.

    And yes there’s a fine line of being inspired and stealing ideas.

  • Dana

    If friends don’t need to support shit in the public eye, then why do you promote every single thing she does? Please enlighten me….