October 27, 2015

Last week I walked into the salon inspired by two very specific photos of Damaris Goddrie and Linda Evangelista in the 90s and had Irene chop off some of my locks. I’ve always loved short hair on me- it makes me feel sexier. x

  • Hanaa

    With every inch you chop off of you hair you get sexier .

  • Clair

    Oh my god, you look absolutely incredible! I am growing my hair out from finishing chemo and you are my short hair muse!! I just wish mine was as curly as yours!

    • lionsinhollywood

      my hair grew back curly after chemo! xx

  • izabel m

    You look amazing. Ohh those lucky girls with curly hair! I wish I could chop of my hair,
    but they are sooo stiff and straight and I don’t want to look like
    I’m wearing a helmet..

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    Oh my god you look so incredible!
    Lunjasky bloglovin

  • Malu

    I love your look! I think that the cut looks absolutely stunning on you and it suites you very well. The 90’s inspired look is a favorite of mine so I am definitely a fan of it. Very sexy cut you pull it of well!

  • Iliana
  • bshujewelry

    It seriously looks amazing you you! Who said only long hair is sexy?!


  • ✿Junebug ✿

    You are so gorgeous! This is a great cut for you! xx

  • Abbie E. Seibert
  • Mercedes Marie

    Short hair looks bomb on you. Love it this short!

    Mercedes Marie

  • Aussiemike1

    That’s Wow factor an awesome look

  • SAUL

    Love the hair!! and that top

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  • La Bijoux Bella

    Short coiffure (hair) is the most chic style a woman can sport. Along with a fierce attitude and a pair of heels . . . She could rule the world to say the least! Simply beautiful! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Whitney V

    You do, indeed, look amazing and super sexy! You rock short hair babe! :)


  • natalie

    short hair looks so good on you!!


  • Pray 4 Pili

    Love it! Makes me want to get my short cut again!! Always looking good

  • Debbie Thomas

    I’ve been waiting for this moment, lol ^_^ Looks lovely x

  • Lauren Hopkins

    It’s a great length! You look amazing as always :)

  • Daria Zems
  • Kythzia

    LOVE the hair…would love to see more shots of it!

  • Jasmine Eclipse

    I LOVE this look so much! It makes me want to chop my hair again too!

  • Taylor Lynette

    You always look absolutely amazing. Karla, you can do no wrong.

  • Joana Pereira Paraizo

    You look great with short hair <3

  • Denise Tejada

    please tell me where you got that bodysuit! or is it a preview of collection 3?

  • the stylish vagabond

    OMG I love the haircut

  • the stylish vagabond

    OMG, I love the haircut girl

  • Jazmine Liss


  • BLM Evolve

    damn, you are a cutie. i love the look.