September 5, 2014

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Just wanted to share a few more photos from my vacation last week. I miss Tulum already!
If you guys ever head out there, definitely try La Hoja Verde for fresh juices and yuca fries, have dinner at Hartwood, snorkel off Isla Conzumel, and visit Coqui Coqui’s perfume shop.

I’m wearing a black bikini by Nasty Gal, vintage 501s, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Hoorsenbuhs and Temple St. Clair gold jewelry courtesy of LoveGold. It is officially time to put on some more clothes because fall is near.

  • traveling rolemodel

    Stunning doll. your style and body is to die for

  • Olga

    you are the epitome of sexiness ( in the best possible way!), I love the hoorsebuhs jewellery! I am desperate to get one of their rings!

  • Beatrice Gutu

    Love these photos! You are so amazing!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  • ethel

    I come to this blog for fashion, not for close-ups of your butt.

    • elizabeth

      I agree shes turning into soft porn before you know it .We will be seeing nudes just a matter of time.

      • elizabeth

        I mean really opening your ass and legs . What happened to true fashion i used to enjoy this blog now its soft porn . Im sure you have a lot of nasty ghetto trash as followers. I mean that in pervs men huge pervs

        • Lady Katherine

          Dearest Elizabeth, your generalization is off base, As a reminder, if you don’t like the images of her butt, you don’t have to look.Also, I would recommend reading up on the definition of ‘soft core porn’. Her blog features pictures of herself that are provocative, not porn-like. There is, in fact, a difference.

          • karladeras

            haha thank you for this! I have always felt the same way- if you don’t like the content on my blog, don’t look at it. very simple, guys.

        • alibartu

          Elizabeth you talk of nasty ghetto trash followers yet I don’t see them commenting and referencing things like “nudes” “opening ass and legs” and “soft porn.” Get your mind out of the trash yourself hunny! Recognize beauty and elegance in the female form, that is true fashion.

        • Banana Fanabobana

          she’s a beautiful woman with fantastic style. why would you act like it’s your job to look at this blog? pathetic…

      • disqus_hYxZXIAtf2

        A perfect example of sexism, ladies and gentlemen! God (If you believe in one) bless your soul, dearie x

        • disqus_hYxZXIAtf2

          Karla, you are amazing. Keep doing what you do :)

    • Banana Fanabobana

      epitome of sad jealousy

  • Alex B.

    Another great set of pictures. I especially like the black and white photographs in this spread. And the one with the swings.

    By the way, you made me appreciate gold jewelry, I used to be an “only silver” (colored) girl, but now I mix it up.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • Lea Saville

    You’re perfect!

  • Bianca @ItsAllBee

    Beautiful pictures. I love that bathing suit! I may need a few move straps on it for handle my tatas 😀

    Yurts Living & Countryside Hideaways

    Yurts Living & Countryside Hideaways

  • Bruno Antunes

    Very nice photos and amazing view!

  • Lizzy Hadfield

    Looks like a paradise, you look as cool as ever!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • elizabeth

    I had no idea this girl was from el salvador now i see why shes so loose these girls have fame for being so inmodest and just letting it all hang out. Im out of here! chow.. looking for a new fashion blog!

    • MSCFBeeches

      Mind telling me which country hasn’t the slutiest men? I’m dying to know…

    • Chas Bissell

      Dear Elizabeth,
      Your racial slurs and lack of knowledge for other cultures is completely mind boggling, and the definition of bigotry. Unless you have nothing going on in your life I advise that you find something better to do than to sit around and criticize people.

  • Lia S
  • Caroline

    honestly too hot babe !! oh wow

  • Sara Sfi

    Great photos ! Loving your style.

  • Miss J.

    Amazing bikini!



  • Debbie Thomas

    Great pics Karla – however, that ‘butt shot’ cuts a bit close to the mark o.O !!

    • kate maidment

      Agreed. I look at this blog for fashion and, of course, it all looks great because you are very beautiful. But it really depresses me that you are rapidly making yourself look like a victim of a culture that reduces women to nothing more than sex objects. Previously you were braver and owned your look a lot more, making genuinely interesting choices.

      • mo_0207

        This. This is an excellent way of summarizing why some of your readers, who are glad to see you take pride in your body, are less than glad to be greeted by pictures that seem to be playing into the male gaze. This comment isn’t about “body shaming” or (and I hate this term) “slut shaming”; on the contrary, you’ll find limitless compliments on your body on this blog and on the confidence that you project. It’s more about the fact that your body and body confidence will show in whatever you wear, and it seems a desperate act to post pictures of your legs spread (again, there’s nothing inherently wrong with these; they read as questionable in such a public forum) when we’ve all been sold on your effortlessness and creativity.

        • Clair

          I think you may be missing the point. Throughout her blog, Karla had always seemed to be confident with her feminine form. Just because she is showing off her wonderful body means she is submitting to the standards of beauty that men create and hold us to? No. It means she wants to wear clothing that shows off her form, and she wants to take pictures to show off the clothing. Nothing wrong with that. I’m tired of people assuming that because a woman takes pictures that are slightly daring it means she is trying to appeal only to men.

          • mo_0207

            To some extent, I agree with you — anyone who has ever engaged with even the most basic feminist discourse seems to toss around denunciations of the patriarchy and accusations of pandering to the male gaze. I was actually horrified to see that questioning comments like mine made way for far more racist or vaguely threatening comments, which was never my intention. I hope that my original comment makes clear that I was and am inspired by Ms. Deras. To make this personal for a moment, I and my sisters grew up as the only black females in a male-dominated, otherwise homogeneously white religion-based culture that demanded that women cover their bodies to the ankles, wrists, and collarbones, and cover their hair. I abandoned that lifestyle long ago, but had trouble recognizing that there was nothing wrong with taking pride in a body that I had been taught to shamefully conceal under the banner of “modesty.” Through the output of people like Ms. Deras, who project confidence (and body confidence) EVEN IN A SWEATSHIRT, I have learned to embrace who I am and what I have (tiny waist, generous ass), to alter and tailor clothes to fit my form, and to really take pride in myself. My objection was, in part, based on a background in photography and a visceral reaction to having the camera viewfinder at eye level with spread legs — not that there is anything inherently wrong with this (or, to the haters above, with porn)! But even a less closely-cropped shot would make the image less jarring and read more as a shot rather than as a crotch shot — when this forum has been instrumental in teaching me a less predictable, less overt, more interior manner of projecting confidence in my body.

  • Dominique

    aaaah your body



    I like the accessories and the bikini set. Nice pictures!


  • Whitney V

    Stunning photos and stunning girl!! Your look suits you so well, you couldn’t look better!! Love seeing how you play with clothes and jewellery to bring out your best assets!! :)


  • Ashley Tamarra

    Awesome pictures!! Nice bum lol

  • Ania Michèle

    It’s so sad summer is almost over…

  • sara

    i agree. there;s not a post without her showing off her butt. if she
    had great boobs, then no doubt she be showing them off too. and its also
    disturbing that most posts are taken by her dad (these are obviously
    shot by your bff).
    I know, youre comfortable in your own skin and
    worked hard to get this stunning body, but come on naw, you dont have to
    show off every single time on the blog and instagram.
    dont you get enough attention from your bf?

  • Stephanie Gille

    Lovely pics!

  • Pardon My Obsession

    All your pics are SO stunning, but I am so sad to say goodbye to summer !!

  • Kate Wilson

    I’m excited for Autumn and colder months but will really miss Summer! x


  • Νεφελη

    Well, I would love to pay more attention to the great view, clothes and jewerly but that photo of yours in the middle… You have a great body girl!

  • Alexa Johnson

    The photography is amazing. And your poses are stunning

  • Nico

    Love these shots!

    H&M and Primark for Italy on lb-lc fashion blog

  • Valentina Duracinsky

    Wow! nice pictures…

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Hayarpi Zohrabyan

    Wow ! Nice pictures I don’t want summer to end !!

  • Diana

    Love these photos, you look stunning!!!

    xoxo, Diana

  • Sabina

    You look stunning – I love your hair like that!

  • S.

    You look so hot in these pictures! And that is a beautiful place!

    Indigo Lights

  • welcome to my jungle

    You look amazing!!!

  • ashley

    Karla, I am a long-time follower and I regularly check your blog for fashion inspiration. Your creative style, quality photography, and editorial content inspires me. I feel compelled to leave a comment after reading several negative comments that were left by individuals who feel they have a right to tell you how and when to be comfortable with your body and sexuality. To those “readers” I say, you have no governance over Karla’s body, how she dresses it, or how much she chooses to share with the blog community. Your internet anonymity may enbolden you, but you do not have the power to make Karla feel shame for occupying a female body. And to you Karla, YOU ARE A TALENTED WRITER, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, DESIGNER, MODEL, PHOTOGRAPHER, AND A GROWN ASS WOMAN CAPABLE OF MAKING DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR BODY AND YOUR BUSINESS AND YOU ARE DOING A DAMN GOOD JOB. KEEP ON SHINING. Love and Respect, Ashley

    • karladeras

      Thank you so much for the love!!! I truly appreciate your comment.

      People will always have their opinions and it’s honestly very liberating when you understand that it is impossible to make everyone like you. xx

    • Clair


  • Eye See Euphoria

    Amazing pictures and I love your style!

    Eye See Euphoria .

  • marlie

    lol @ all the prudes in here. keep showing what you’ve got, girl. you look amazing. love the pictures, the bikinis and the jewelry.

    p.s i’ll wait forever for that fitness post, ngl.

  • Laura Lama F.

    Wow, babe! You’re amazing!!!


  • shannie4888

    Karla you look fantastic as always. I don’t understand why people are offended by the close up of your butt. You were showing off the jewelry and you have a fabulous derriere to boot.

    You don’t have to explain any poses, choices in clothing, or anything that you don’t want to. This is YOUR blog. If people are offended by a close-up of your body, then they can go elsewhere. Women are always shamed into being prudes by society and their flawed expectations and by other women who are not brave or confident enough to own their sexuality.

    You look amazing. You know you do. You work hard on that body and you’ve really built a great blog by being open with your love of fashion, jewelry, and life. Keep living and ignoring what people have to say.

    Your sexuality is your own to proudly put on display. If it appeals to the male gaze, then it does. The fact remains that this blog is mostly frequented by women and you inspire said women to embrace fashion and to live a healthier lifestyle to achieve a body that they can proudly put on display.

    • Soshanna

      A LOT Of woman look amazing without clothes they dont go around half naked . Its an insecurity thing. with these girls. They are valued by how much body they show . Look at todays young celebrities , Rhianna , Miley.. those are the role models. So dont expect anything less, especially from girls that are minorities. Its just a cultural fact. Dont get offended out there. Its a truth!

      • Soshanna

        Also i would get a body guard Karla, or watch my back . I guarantee you have a few perv stalkers out there. Its a shame your parents did not teach you how to have a little respect for yourself, my daughter was a fan of your blog and she showed me your latest ones and said wow, she really is loosing respect for herself . I have proudly raised her to value her assets in other venues .
        Maybe one day you will grow up and learn that. For now she has decided to not follow your blog anymore. so proud of her!!

        • Christina of Profresh Style

          Soshanna, as a mother, I’m sure one of your biggest concerns is your daughter’s place in the world and the influences she surrounds herself with. You have superseded all others with your negative disgrace of a human mind.

          How dare you place judgement on a woman who is, not only on vacation and in a swimsuit, but allowed to do as she pleases on HER site. But more than anything else, how dare you pass judgement on women of color, or really, women in general? Your words are clearly placed with a cast of racism and it’s foul. Your thoughts are no longer needed here with an uneducated mind like yours.

          I hope you take a moment to read a book, take a understanding of women of color. Or perhaps take a walk outside, in a public forum. Women, be it brown, white, black or yellow, chooses how they look based on how they want to look, not based on the color they were born to.

          Your words are speaking to a daughter, who was raised to be proud of her body and feel comfortable in the skin she cannot nor would change. In a world changing to accept the differences in one another, it’s baffling you would teach your daughter this as you would hope she finds the acceptance here versus an imaginary insecurity you’ve placed on her, someone you do not know.

          I encourage you to actually take an investment into what your daughter truly values or maybe perhaps you’ve cast judgement attributes to the future of this world. How tragic, if this is the case.

          To the rest of the hateful comments on this blog post, take a look at what you’re speaking about, educate yourself on your opinion rather than shooting it out like an elementary dunce.

          Karla, this doesn’t need to be said more than once, your beauty is not to be challenged, it’s to be yours for love and appreciation, no one else’s. You inspire others to appreciate their bodies, be it large, small, brown or white. This is no different than a portrayal in a fashion publication but I couldn’t imagine the commenters here would know what that is in reference to, lest their inadequate brain space.


          • pattigal

            omg! shut up!!

          • pattigal


          • Christina of Profresh Style

            Wow. You’re hilarious. A bathing suit deems you to be in a sex tape these days. Pattigal, you my darling, have just set us back decades. Bravo, silly.

          • pattigal

            LOL its not the bathing suit. Its the whole ass thing. And her showing us literally all her junk. No thanks

          • pattigal

            i wish i could bet on it.. Girl a lot of these bloggers either they are classy or they are Trashy. This girl has gone to the trashy zone, its kinda gross knowing her dad takes the pics. YIKES@@

          • pattigal

            chill out Christina its all good! Freedom of speech. Have you heard of it.

          • pattigal

            Dont call me darling . How old are you > Ha

          • pattigal

            Besides this is how young hos express themselves now. Miley with her pasties, at least she wears them, but Karla it a shirt away from showing us what god gave her, the price has to be right though. Dont get offended lady shes not your daughter, so chill out. All i know is my bro and his friends are enjoying these in the worst way; LOL

          • pattigal

            Lady you need to chill soshanna says it like it is. I am a woman of color and everything she said is true. How do you even know the other persons ethnicity> All the crap ppl of color put out theres sets us woman to look like a bunch of hos! Look at the kardashians …. I need say no more. go preach to someone else.
            She spoke the truth and the truth hurts. I say good for you Mrs soshanna….

          • Christina of Profresh Style

            Ha. Which would makes it even worse that a woman of color could perceive our own with such disgraceful discrimination. What a way to place hatred on your own pattigal.

            And if you need say no more, you probably should comment 4 different times, silly little lady.

          • pattigal

            HA HA HA HA….. ROFL

          • pattigal

            BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH………

          • karladeras

            dude… grow up

        • A Karina Zatarain


          My mother has a PhD in computer science. She’s an incredibly intelligent and creative professor and researcher, and travels the world giving conferences on artificial intelligence. As a woman in a male-oriented field, she is also a feminist.

          She’s taught me that I, as a woman, am intellectually just as capable of men, and to “value my assets in other venues”, as you put it. However, she has also always made a point of teaching me that I am NEVER to feel ashamed of inhabiting a female body, that my sexuality is my own to do with it as I see fit and that I have no right to tell other women what to do with theirs. I have no right to judge other bright, capable, hard-working women if they choose to proudly present their sexuality rather than pretend it doesn’t exist out of their bedrooms.

          The beautiful thing about a woman owning her body is that it is hers to do as she damn pleases. Even better, when women like Karla present themselves as sexual subjects (not objects, there is a difference), it is empowering in taking back what men have dictated for so long – what is sexy? what gives a woman permission to feel comfortable with her sexuality?

          I’d like to let you know that valuing yourself as an intellectually capable woman doesn’t revoke your permission to see and present yourself as a sexual being. It’s sad that you can’t see this because you’re perpetuating sexist (and frankly, racist) stereotypes.

    • karladeras

      thank you so so much for this. you get me 100%

  • ipseity

    Stunning photography xx

  • monrix

    <3 totally love this!!!

  • Christina Adamo

    i’ve been following your blog since you first started it all those years ago, long hair, taking pictures in front of your garage. I can honestly say i truly love and admire how much your style has evolved. it shows your maturity, your age, and where you are headed in life. everyones style evolves over time, tastes change. just like Jay once said “Everybody look at you strange, say you changed, like you work that hard to stay the same” Stay you.

  • sauvignonelle

    Continue to keep doing you, Karla. If people don’t like what you post anymore, they can easily hit that ‘x’ and log off. So simple! It’s extremely disappointing to see women on social media constantly going out of their way to put another woman down. If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything.
    You look amazing, as always girl.

  • Gattalina

    I need to visit Tulum one day! Looks beautiful! Great photos and style! :)

  • Currently Wearing

    You look stunning in bikini! Beautiful photos from Tulum!



  • mywhiteT

    Love the jewelry looks amazing love the photos.

  • Candice Dodd

    I don’t care what these negative idiots say on here. I love the sexy body posts! It keeps me motivated to keep working out lol.

    You look great Karla! Classy as always 😀

  • Jamie Morton

    Amazing photos! And you look so hot! I miss the summer already

    House cleaning Kensington

  • PeonyandPeach

    That image of the rings in the sand is just stunning!

  • Guest

    Just seeing all this and shame on all the haters! Who do you think you are? By your behavior I would say your just a bunch of bullies who have to put someone else down to bring yourself up. Karla has her style and her taste and last time I checked this was HER fashion blog. I don’t come here to see someone who doesn’t take chances and show her personal style. Fashion is about being you. About expressing yourself. You do you Karla and close your heart and mind to the haters. Oh and that racist coment about Salvadorians was out control. Wtf….generalization is racism. Block that one if you can…ignorance is contagious.

  • leslie

    Just seeing all this and shame on all the haters! Who do you think you are? By your behavior I would say you are just a bunch of bullies who have to put someone else down to bring yourself up. Karla has her style and her taste and last time I checked this was HER fashion blog. I don’t come here to see someone who doesn’t take chances and show her personal style. Fashion is about being you. About expressing yourself. You do you Karla and close your heart and mind to the haters. Oh and that racist coment about Salvadorians was out control. Generalization is racism. Block that one if you can…ignorance is contagious.

  • Mal

    To those shaming Karla for the amount of skin shown- your jealousy’s showing, gurl. How petty. Disguising your own insecurities and envy by claiming that she has no self respect. Going so far as making comments about her upbringing? Please calm down. You’re really reaching to rationalize your hate.

    Her body, her business. Period. Oh, you come here for fashion? No, you come here for whatever the creator of this blog, Karla, posts and creates. The content not up to your standards anymore? Find any of it distasteful or offensive to your sense of morality? Then don’t visit anymore. Problem solved. No need to leave passive aggressive and preachy comments.

    And hiding behind this.. faux feminism is not going to help matters either. Pandering to the male gaze? Please. Why give men that power? Butts, breasts, hips and legs. They’re all just body parts. Women are free to photograph any part of themselves. Their right. Blame the ones who are viewing them within a overly sexual context. The ones who will degrade and dehumanize women for taking photos of these ordinary parts are the ones to blame.


    • monica

      At the end of the day as karla puts it. She need to get ready to hear the good and the bad, not everyone is going to tickle her ears. It seems she just looks for ppl to tell her how fabulous she looks and yes theres a lot of young and nieve girls out there who feel that being half naked and showing all your junk is sexy, Well in this time we live in it seems its the Kardashians of the world . Of course Karla has a right to be naked if she wants. Whos denying that! But lets be honest this is a selfie blog not a fashion blog! And she is heading right to being naked soon , i also believe that. Shes a sell out like most girls these days are. I applaud the mom who raised her daughter to not define herself by her body but her mind .

      • monica

        I say stop crying Karla and feeling sorry for yourself . Take a long look in the mirror . Maybe you need to make some changes. At the end of the day you and only will live with your choices regardless of what they are.
        But accept the good and bad comments , thats reality! Not everyone is going to applaud everything you do

        • karladeras

          who said I feel sorry for myself? People’s negative perception of who they think I am is irrelevant to me. I know who I am… I am able to look in the mirror and acknowledge the good and the bad. I’m very much aware that not everyone is going to embrace and love me. I just think racial remarks are foul.

          also I can defend myself wherever I please, be it Twitter, my blog, Instagram, etc

          bottom line is you don’t know me.

          • Renvie

            SMH at these little haters, just tell ’em “GIRL, BYE” !

            Keep on shining doll, you have an amazing body and an amazing sense of style, your blog has always been one of my favorites, so please keep doing your thing. Some people definitely have too much time on their hands to talk/write all that negative crap.

          • sharell

            Been following you for awhile now, and im half blck, and yet agree with some of the stuff said. In the black and spanish comminity girls define themselves with the ass and the boobs, its a fact, you seem to have fallen into the same trap. Your blog does not inspire me, its raw and a little ghetto. That is my opinion but if thats what you want then more power to you.
            It seems your getting the taste of real life. so embrace it if you have no shame, All i know is i have personally fought to hard to be where im at and be defined by my assets.

            and who you are is what you put out there, Dont you get it.???
            You are showing your ass and your nips in almost every pic for the last month , it has nothing to do with empowering women, dont kid yourself.

            Just grow a strong spine and if your headed that direction than embrace the good and the bad opinions.

            Oh the finger pic was classic, so dont cry and ask ppl to stop because they dont know you, Remember actions speak louder than words. Thats all i have to say to you. Not such a fan anymore.

          • karladeras

            ok bye

        • sharell

          It if Irrelevant what are you so upset about. ? And I am half blck and puerto rican, and even i can admit that my race of women define themselves by body parts. I have been following your blog for about a year, and seen how much of your body you love to show. Its really not about fashion anymore .girl we see your nips in every other pic for the last month. Maybe the other post was to harsh but you are def following into the stereotype of your race,
          We know you are shape but i swear define yourself with fasion not by showing your ass and nips.
          And ppl know the persona you have created, i think you need to meditate more on that. And just grow up a little, i think you are getting the taste of real life . and if you put yourself out there get ready to hear the truth. I was blown away at all the comments. But i think it was a matter of time, I mean really you take a pic of yourself sticking out the middle finger. Thats classy. you obviously are heading another direction and hey if thats who you are then

        • Melissann

          Dear Monica,

          Your commentary specifically stands out as jealousy, everyone stated their negative opinion and called it a day, and I believe it was their genuine opinion but you seem to be going on and on and on. Stop crying Karla? Feeling sorry for yourself? Mate what are you on about? LOL! You’ve totally gone off topic! Sigh…

          Have a nice day.
          Carry on Karla.
          And thank you.

  • Erin Phillips

    keep loving you, boo! to love who you are is the greatest compliment to those who have influenced and molded who you are today, genetically and spiritually.

  • The Indie | The Indie Byline

    She’s a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants!

    Karla, you look stunning girl, and if you got it, why not flaunt it? People are so sensitive about the wrong things. She should be able to express herself in any way she deems fit and nothing about these photos should offend anyone. She isn’t naked so why can’t she post them in a public forum?

  • Donna

    You are absolutely stunning and the picture of your bottom
    is done very nicely and tasteful…..I would of never thought porn. I think people are just jealous…heck! more woman should have a figure like yours. You are an inspiration for me and keep posting the wonderful pics!!!!

    • sharell

      I love how all you foolish women come to the defense of a girl you think you know.!

      • sharell

        By the way Karla i work for a famous fashion magazine, and i even thought we might use you one day. Those plans are so over, i suggest you really meditate on where you want to be in your future, if its nudes then keep showing what god gave you . If its actual high fashion , you still might succeed.

        Good bye

        • Clair

          Okay girl go pick up any issue of Vogue and try to tell me there isn’t at least one pic where you can see some nips.


        • Christina of Profresh Style

          HAHAH! Dude, you’re hilarious. “A famous fashion magazine”?! HAHAH. LOL all the way home, sit down.

      • Cierra

        You mean the same way that you are foolish for taking time out to leave unnecessary hateful comments on the blog of a grown woman that you don’t know? Girl, you don’t work for a “famous fashion magazine,” because if you did, you wouldn’t have even had the time lol.

  • Kaylani

    Karla, your body is motivation to women like me. You are absolutely stunning. Continue to ignore the negativity and keep up the good work!

  • Berty Morales

    Beautiful photos and I need all of those rings!

    Mad For Fashion For Less
    Become a Fashion Fan:

  • gerrishoes

    The human body is beautiful ! It is true Art comes from natural life. Look at the sculpture of Aphrodite Kallipygos, “goddess with beautiful buttocks made about 100 b.c. So how can this be called soft porn, lets call it : ART!

  • Speech_Therapi

    Did I read that these shots were offensive to some? Hmmm.. Wow! Uhm, well being that the butt shot in one failed swoop might have made me a lesbian… guess i’m excluded from those opinions, lol. You look great Karla, your post make me want to max out my credit cards, stop driving past the gym, as well as, eat healthier. Karla D saving the world, one great photoshoot at a time!

  • Cierra

    A ridiculously large amount of you seem to be on some kind of self righteous pedestal and I say we cut the madness now. If you are a female, and you have left a negative comment on this blog in regards to Karla’s ass and open legs shot, then you are without a doubt, a hypocrite. So I take it that nobody here has worn a bikini in public? Your argument is this: She is a fashion blogger, she is supposed to be showing us clothes…not ass. GET OVER IT. She is advertising a swimsuit. Everyone has a butt, whether it be big, small, lumpy, etc. Stop acting like small children! Not everyone can/will be pleased all the time, because I have a feeling that even if Karla hadn’t had an ass shot, some of you would have searched high and low for something to complain about.

    Ironically enough, this is a topic that has had me brewing with frustration on the inside for quite some time, and now that it has so disrespectfully and ungracefully, veered its ugly head, I cannot find it within myself to hold on it any longer.

    This may come as a shock to you, but regardless of what men, society or unfortunately, nasty women on this blog have said, it is OK to feel sexy and confident and want to show it. As long as it is done with grace and class and dignity, it DOES NOT make you a hoe, a slut, a whore or any other profane word hateful people could call you for it. If you are not the sort of woman that could not be comfortable with certain things Karla wears, or certain poses that she makes, THAT IS YOU & THAT IS FINE, but don’t sit up on your high horse making women that are feel like they need to apologize or be ashamed.

    I will never understand this. Why do so many women feel and associate such negativity when faced with a confident woman? Why do we put each other down and throw around hurtful names? STOP. In the world that we live in today (surely I don’t have to explain this), it is rare to find a young woman that is proud and unashamed of what was given to her naturally. So many things tell us that we are not good enough already, and then we have women bashing other women for loving the skin that they are in?

    Women are meant to feel sensual and sexy and womanly. If you are a woman, how dare you deny a woman her right to feel such. If you cannot accept this, or what Karla brings to HER blog, then you can quietly (or loudly if you so chose), exit stage left because I’m sure Karla doesn’t want any fakes posing as fans anyway.

    • ellegirl

      oh my god shut up! Go preach your stuff somewhere else. Ugh!!! I used to follow this blog too, but got sick of the selfie I love myself shots. It got boring and by the way, Karla only wants girls who love her and love her clothes and love what she does. Thats fake. I lost my breath reading your post. What are you ? 60 yrs old!

      • Ivette

        You used to follow??? It looks like you STILL are!!! The negative comments for these pictures are way out of proportion. During this past month EVERY blogger had pictures wearing skimpy bikinis because, GUESS WHAT??, is summer and they are trying to sell bathing suits. The only difference is that the other bloggers have stick figures so no matter how they pose they still look like a 12 years old girl. Karla-forget about all these haters, block them and just shake it off girl!!!

      • Cierra

        No, elleGIRL. I am not 60…not sure why you are even trying to reference age as if it is relevant to the topic at hand. Tell me more about Karla, since you speak as if you know her personally. You and all of the other bashing women on this blog are so petty and small-minded. Stuck in a box of what society and other, less risk taking individuals say you should be. I clearly struck a cord since you are all geared up lol. Listen clearly, sweetheart: You and everyone else like you who spew negativity based on your own insecurities are insignificant to Karla or anyone else like her. You don’t put food in her mouth, you don’t clothe her, you don’t put money in her pocket, and so therefore, EVERYTHING that you ever say, will ALWAYS be irrelevant. At the end of it all, Karla is a GROWN ASS WOMAN and that, is all that matters. Choke on that sermon lol and if you lose your breathe by simply reading again, just give up and stop all together, it will be the most graceful thing you’ve done thus far in your life.

  • Diarrha Ndiaye

    Everything about this is perfect. Fck the haters. Sorry, not sorry.

    • ellegirl

      LOL !!!!!! ROFL!!! Cierra get a life or a blog ! And Diarrha god yr name sounds like DIARRHEA! HA HA


      The saying is true you can Pull the girl out of the Ghetto but you cant pull the Ghetto out of the Girl!

      Ellegirl Out!

      • ellegirl

        And by the way I dont follow it , my friend who happens to be lol at all this crap told me you have to read what the crazy old woman are saying in this blog. And I just had to chime in. Dearrhea , and Cierra Mist.
        Ha ha ha. Man i crack myself up! ITs just a stupid blog, chill out all of you.
        You dont even know this girl she would prob ignore you in the street. So go get some real freinds and stop crying.

        • Claudette

          Wow Karla, this is very sad what your blog has turn into. I think it reflects the kind of ppl that visit your blog. If i were you I would really take all this into account if its how you want to be represented. Regardless of what anyone says, its you who decides. Ppl are pretty outspoken out there but you are a public figure per say i guess and once we put ourselves out there i guess we make ourselves targets. Hopefully you dont lose sponsors for all of this , or who know you might gain a new kind of sponsor.

        • Cierra

          Wow lol! What a sad person you are. Nobody is laughing at your “jokes” but you. You don’t follow her blog, yet you felt the need to come and visit just to leave some hateful comments and fake bravery behind your screen? HAHA! Stop talking. You are only diggering yourself into a deeper hole, little girl. The fact that your friend TOLD you to come and see the blog and you did (as well as leave some racist bullshit), only goes to show how weak-minded and easily swayed you are. You are a follower! LMAO. Why don’t you leave the debating up to the actual intellectuals and go knit a sweater somewhere since you are CLEARLY SO CONSERVATIVE…and by the way, Sierra Mist is spelled with a S, Miss short bus…but nice try. NOW, you may leave :)

      • Ivette

        You are so rude!! Unbelievable….the funny thing is that you don’t have a picture so they cannot bully you like you are bullying them.

  • Bisous Natasha

    Girl crush big time ! You are so sexy hun !

  • Tiffany Cruze

    you’re not going to be young forever mane love your body :) I love your growth and evolution in style and photography it’s so inspiring!

  • Melissann

    Dear Karla,

    I’m laughing so hard, why? because it is absurdly funny that just from one blog post people have summed you up like they know what you’re about. I find it hilarious that because you apparently have a photograph of you flipping the middle finger it means you are not classy, or because you have a photo provocatively yet stylistically showing off jewelry with your hands on your derriere – apparently it means you don’t respect yourself and all sorts? WOW!

    I know nothing about you but three things, you have style, confidence, and a healthy fit body which has inspired me to get moving, lose some pounds, switch up my HAIR and wardrobe.

    SO THANK YOU! and keep it up! xx

    (P.S For the lot of you who keep going on about how a woman should embrace her mind, this is a personal style blog, naturally it has nothing to do with the brain/mind, just find an intellectual blog which suits you, simple!)

  • Bee Wintour

    Karla, you’re gorgeous! Ignore these people who are complaining about your perfect booty! Can you please share the hotel you stayed at? Still haven’t decided on a hotel for my birthday! Would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • alibartu

    Why do women seem threatened by the female body? Don’t they know that some of the best fashion looks include a mix of sensuality AND class. Karla you prove this. You pull off every look so elegantly and are a true inspiration. cariñitos xx ali

  • Teresa Nguyen

    You are just beaut!



  • NK

    Have any of you looked into the history of art and photography. The paintings that started in the Renaissance of naked models, to Photographers like Helmut Newton that are praised for their eye, and the body of the human being.
    Simple. If you do not want to see this then do not go on this blog.
    You have no right to attack someone’s personal opinion or choice when you do not know this person. This is the artistic integrity. To call this “soft porn” is laughable. Why don’t you really look at what soft porn is.
    I think in this day of people copying un-talented “famous people” that are coming out of night clubs drunk and disorderly we should be giving someone a little more credit to taking an artistic picture.
    Be proud that someone is so secure in their body. There was more vulgarity at the MTV video awards yet I’m sure you let you children watch that. Also, it’s truly sad that people jump to race, and saying that people that dress like this are from a certain “area” or “race”. so sad.
    Thanks Karla, I love how bold and yourself you are in a world of bloggers that are all the same!

  • Clair Smith

    Karla, reading through all of these, I am ashamed of those who make comments about your body in negative ways and try to tear you down. You are incredibly beautiful, if I had your ass, waist, and breasts, I’d wear string bikinis, tiny plunge dresses, and heels errday. I religiously look up your recipes and now that you’ve posted workout stuff Ima do that to :) I don’t want to be you, because you’re unique and special and beautiful in the way that only you can be, but you inspire me to love my body, my dreams, my passions, and my soul. I paint pretty risque photos of people I adore like friends and family, and I understand how the shots your dad takes are artistic, not “gross.” Also, the people that make stupid comments about your race should be treated like children (though children would know better than to be racist so…) and probably (hypocritically) love their local mexican-inspired restaurant, have never seen photos of the beach in chile, don’t know that Shakira is Colombian, don’t understand the amazingness that is latin dancing, and couldn’t learn spanish if they tried. So keep doing you’re amazing thing that you do <3

  • Dana Šeļmanova-Pleša

    I love the overall mood! So summery and European

  • K M

    wowwwww love it!!!!!

  • Nadia Madzharova

    Love the swim suit and jewelers :) summer is back soon :)