It’s Raining Shoes

April 23, 2008

I’m recovering from a recent knee injury and I can’t wait to start wearing all of my shoes again!
  • Anonymous

    Love the fashion on your site ! Got any picks of Millionaire Sunglasses?!

  • Anonymous

    you dont look 5’5″

    more like 4’11”

  • Marie

    lol, i agree. based on her pics, i thought she was super tiny. i was surprised to come back to her first post and see that she’s 5’5″! maybe it’s just the angle the pics are taken at.

  • keri

    i just learned about the cothurni from my theater class a couple of weeks ago, Greeks are just amazing!!!

  • Karen

    The shoes in the first picture are fricking amazing

  • rethinkingpink

    Take this as a true compliment: I just spent the last TWO DAYS OF MY LIFE going through every single post on your blog. I’ve finally reached the first one (phew!)

    You are gorgeous and have a great sense of style. The haters and body snarkers can all go to hell…you are awesome!

    Please recommend my (new) site if you like it!

    Thanks so much!


  • dinoibo
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  • Bionica

    girl I am totally feeling these cothruni
    they look totally fab in pink & black 😉


  • NAH

    Wow! I’m absolutely impressed! Ive spent the past 3 months going over blog after blog and this is BY FAR my fave. I went through every single post (glad i’m not the only one–except i took 3 days (darn husband needing attention lol))
    I so much enjoyed watching how your style has evolved and matured from teens to twenties. you’re absolutely beautiful and i’m inspired!
    thank you

  • Sophia’s Suitcase

    Karla! I’ve been raving through your blog for so long and I think I am obsessed! Your style is amazing, I’m jealous :) I LOVE YOU KARLA!
    Check my blog out, it’s new and I am only young but it would be magnificent to have an amazing blogger like you to follow me, or check me out!
    You inspire me!
    xoxo, Sophia!

  • Sunny Side-Up

    “Beautiful shoes take you beautiful places….”


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  • Barry

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  • jovic

    like the other fellow, I dedicated the rest of the holidays after Christmas to peruse thorugh your blog Karla. It seems just the kick I needed to get me back into blogging!

    Your blog is DOPE!

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    Oi… all of these shoes are amazing!!! I agree, if I had the funds I would totally invest in a closet devoted to shoes… and bags.. and clothes… you get the drift

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    Definitely love all those shoes, but if I had to pick, my favorite would be the second to last ones. There’s just something about the grecian+roman inspired look.

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    Oh… those shoes in the first image are just… divine!!! If only I had the funds to make all of these mine.

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    If only I could run away with those beautiful shoes…

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    Nice choice with all of these. I want them too :9

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    I like all of these shoes. But I can’t help but think that the ones in the middle remind me of a uniformed guard costume!

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    The last ones are probably my least favorite pair of them all.

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  • Rana Hilal

    Hi Karla! I’d love to see what you think are the must-have rain boots of the season!