August 31, 2015

I mentioned a couple months ago that I walked into Gap and bought all of the poplin shirts so I wouldn’t have to think about what to wear daily. Well, I’ve done the same thing again except this time it’s Hanes ribbed tanks. I’ve sliced them down the sides, made them bodysuits, and worn them backwards- they’re pretty much the most versatile thing you can own.

Wearing a Hanes tank, pants from the Army Surplus store and Gianvito Rossi pumps. Also, I cut my hair again, sort of inspired by Winona Ryder and my hair circa 2012.

  • Iliana
  • Kimberly Robinson

    I swear you could make a hefty trash bag look good! I challenge you to it! : )


    You’re so stunning, I love how you’ve styled such a simple shirt

  • Laura Lama F.



  • The Neon Factor

    Love your style!

    || D I A N A ||

  • Dora

    I love the white tank! I’d love one of those to wear with a very similar pair of pants I own


  • Beatrice

    I’m so obsessed with your style! You always look so wonderful!

  • Kathy

    What a nice effortless chic look!


  • Madame Ostrich

    Such a great idea! I love how utilitarian hanes tees are!


  • With Or Without Shoes

    That’s coooool!

    Kisses from


  • Amelie OaS

    Your hair is so cool. I wish I could pull something similar off!

  • La Bijoux Bella

    Edgy, sporty, spontaneous … A style like no other. Simply beautiful! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Tanvi

    LOVE!!!! <3

    ∞ ∞

  • Kuyeek
  • Bobby

    Love the hair. Works for you. I still see your Pixie pictures out on Pinterest.

  • Bella B @ xoxoBella

    Looks amazing!

    xoxoBella |

  • Cristina Monti

    The pants look amazing on you! This is such a cool look, I love it.

    With love,

  • Prudence Yeo

    Very chic ribbed white tank and the short hairstyle looks fantastic on you!


  • Cristina Fogale

    Amazing! Love the hair. This look is pure Karla. Thank you for your constant inspiration.

  • Ashleigh Noble

    Obsessed with your short hair. You look amazing.

  • Michèle

    looking stunning head to toe.

  • Furore MAG

    Omg Im in love with your hairstyle!


    F U R O R E M A G A Z I N E

  • Konstantina Antoniadou

    loving the simplicity of this look!

  • Dessie
  • Chi-Chi

    looking great as usual! simplicity is the way to go x

  • Maria Mar

    Your style is so unique and inspirational!

  • Angela Johnson Hernandez

    You look amazing! Love your sense of style, and I have to know-what bra are you wearing? It’s magically invisible!!!

    • Guest

      It’s not “magically invisible” you can tell she’s wearing a strapless shirt bra (the first photo). But maybe she’s wearing one of those sticky silicone breast cutlets. I don’t know. Either one of those 2.

  • Rei Toei

    Love the hair, the tank, the pants… the bra – no so much.

  • Denise

    I really LOVE that outfit. You look so cool.

  • Progressive Panache

    great outfit….this hair suits u a lot….lots of love


  • Sanja

    Wild and comfy just as i like

  • Whitney V

    Love how you’re wearing that top -you’re the queen of DIYs! Oh and those trousers are fab…. So so so very cool! Loving your short short hair, looks fab! :)


  • my bubbly zone
  • Guest

    Not digging the shoes with this outfit, bad choice. But the pants are so dope. Want them!

  • Mercedes Marie

    Short hair looks so good on you! Love it.


    Mercedes Marie

  • chantelle

    whoaaa need these tanks asap

  • Nadia Madzharova

    comfy outfit, perfect for the last days of the summer :(
    xo xo from Paris

  • Tracy

    Gorgeous outfit! Love how you styled this basic white top!

  • Irina Pavlova

    You are always extremely stylish!

    Costa de la Moda

  • Enoc Oteo


  • fashionwepa

    yasssssss I love the short hair on u! can’t wait to see the slayage.. actually let me run to Insta. :)

  • Pia

    you look incredibly cool!

  • Eye See Euphoria

    Always stunning. Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  • Emily

    Seriously perfect tank top.


  • Claire Buoni

    I was just wondering what you would wear under that kind of shirt that doesn’t show through. (Love your outfits)

  • Nadiin.a
  • Malu

    Your style is my absolute FAV! Its alwasys so effortless, and I love that about it. You can tell you are also comfortable, but that is always a good thing, especially looking chic in your looks. Love this!

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  • Ana Vieira

    Love your top x

    Snapchat –

  • dsfvd

    Love the print and you look gorgeous!Keep up a good work! <3

  • lindsay @ VAUGHAN

    Honestly, it doesn’t really get better than a classic white shirt. Love this.
    Lindsay |

  • Doraine

    You can rock anything… I’m also a fan of simple comfortable pieces like these

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  • Lizz Friend

    I’m guilty of being a Hanes ribbed tank “junkie”!!! Moving from Alaska to Alabama was such…..I can’t find an appropriate word to express the “adjustment”…. I’ve always had my go to hair and beauty products that work for me…and I take pride in my ability to shop successfully at thrift stores….Goodwill ….and being that I’ve been the same size forever I have a ridiculous amount of “closet crack”… I design high end doggie couture using only fabrics from Chanel inspired tweed jackets..blazers etc. so I travel to neighboring states etc. hitting all the Goodwill’s because honestly I find high end stuff in the “church or older ladies” section (according to my 13 year old)… and that’s my Niche of doggie couture.. LONG STORY SHORT and back to my “issue”… ALABAMA compared to Alaska… (not the obvious differences….) has been extremely challenging and for someone who is hardheaded and never had humidity issues ….the girl with good hair and great makeup…whether it was laid back on the weekend or work makeup (Auto Sales)… it JUST WASN’T AN ISSUE… and my wardrobe… sigh..I loved dressing up and dressing down…and I loved and enjoyed sharing tips and secrets…always helping coworkers or friends…strangers…then I move to Alabama and my makeup…it’d been my friend for so many years..dependable….it didn’t work….and I went to girls at the makeup counter….and I’m still struggling and I have tried many brands etc… and some are ok but its not the same and it..SUCKS…sorry…it’s a battle and I’m a lover not a fighter and so most of the time when I’m at home I do as little as possible because even if I do my face and it looks good….IT NEVER FEELS GOOD… not really…I DON’T AND WON’T HAVE AN OILY FACE…….so I stick to amazing mascara……use to be simple …but no..even mascara is a battle….and hair…can I tell you that I’m not lazy…but most of the time in Alaska i’d do the easy sleek pony tail and save the big hair etc. for the weekend…PONY TAIL..SLEEK..nope.. I LIVE IN A SIDE BUN BECAUSE MY NECK GETS HOT….THEN MY sleek pony tail turns…under..and curls on my neck…HOW .. I DON’T HAVE CURLY OR WAVY HAIR.. I HAVE STRAIGHT HAIR..I WAS A LICENSED HAIRDRESSER FOR YEARS….AND YET NOW I’M DOING THE SIDE BUN THING…..and if it weren’t for a bet and deal made with my 21 year old I’d be chopping my hair today…it’s February 3rd and tomorrow we are supposed to be up to 80 degrees…


    HANES RIBBED TANKS…… I HAVE TONS OF TANKS and numerous summer tops…but I literally went to WALMART… (a store that I’d only shopped at a few times being Fairbanks Alaska didn’t have one until a few years prior to my moving here!. And yet now is a store I frequent being it’s the main store in this small town… ) and purchased about 6-8 bags of plain white ribbed Hanes.. purchasing the best deal for the dollar of course…and I flipping love them…they look good…feel good…they are sexy…sexy as you can get with the least bit of effort…and at home I sport them with man boxers or cut offs.. and I change about three times a day when I’m busy but it’s ok because I have soooo many and they are so easy to wash….and they keep their shape…I even purchased a pack of tall so that I could wear them with leggings or over my swimsuit …… they even look good with a pair of jeans and boots…. THEY ARE LIKE LIFESAVERS!! THE ONE GOOD GO TO THING THAT I CAN DEPEND ON…..even though it’s sad because I miss dressing up…and ya know what else……..being that my husband decided to retire here we purchased a second home with land so that he could have chickens and a goat lol…in exchange he promised a walk in closet…a huge one….and so now I have the most amazing dream closet being built …it’s ridiculous…..and I feel blessed please don’t get me wrong…..but I live in a “wife beater”!!! Don’t get me wrong though… I still shop and am always looking for quality pieces…. however…. I’m usually inside….where there’s an air conditioner…in my studio…sewing doggie couture…with waterproof mascara…a side bun… a white ribbed Hanes…cut offs…..Hanes ankle socks because my feet freeze…..
    It’s so nice to know that someone else shares such!!! Now if I could break the stupid “law” that I have that I have to have long blonde hair… and cut my hair!!!

  • crazygemini12

    Those pants are amazing!!