March 26, 2014
I’ve gotten several requests to do a post about what I eat on a daily basis. To be honest, I just eat a lot of snacks throughout the day as opposed to three solid meals. I am really passionate about breakfast though, so I usually start off with a big bowl of oatmeal made with milk and stevia or an extra-large green smoothie and some toast. 
Current favorite snacks include:  
roasted seaweed, cucumber and lemon with chili pepper, Organic Nectars chocolate bar, berries, toast with almond butter and banana (specifically Wild Friends nut butter), pecans, walnuts, flax crackers, almond cookies, and chipotle kale chips. All of this food can be found at Whole Foods and require very little preparation. I personally believe it is much better to nourish your body with healthy snacks throughout the day as opposed to filling yourself up with overly caloric meals. 
I’m currently working on fitness content, so stay tuned for that!
  • Coco Bassey

    Great snacking suggestions! I love roasted seaweed too, and that almond butter looks yummy :) Looking forward to your fitness tips, your bod always looks amazing in pencil skirts!

    xo, coco | MILLENNIELLE.COM

  • GoForFit – Linn

    The almond butter “vanilla expresso” sounds really tasty! :)

  • Brittny Alys

    Looks amazing. Wish these were available in Italy! Love your blog.

    -Brittny Alys

  • Jen27

    Delicious picks! That almond butter looks incredible :)




  • Mei Fleming

    Vanilla espresso almond butter sounds amazing!!!
    Your snack choices sound a lot like mine. And breakfast is almost identical other than I use almond milk with stevia.
    Can’t wait for ur fitness post.



  • Mónica López Gutierrez
  • Rowan | R E D R E I D I N G H O O D

    All sounds so delicious and healthy! Such a bummer we don’t have whole foods in Holland :(

    Looking forward to your fitness post! <3



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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve always admired your figure, & your suggestions look amazing. I love to snack too and lately I’ve been questioning whether it was okay to “snack” instead of having more traditional meals. You gave me some reassurance that it’s not bizarre.

    Have you ever tried berries on your banana/almond butter toast? Tara Stiles has an amazing one with two slices of bananas as “eyes” , two blueberries as the “iries”, a sliced strawberry for the nose and a formation of blueberries for the smile. So cute!

  • Ashley

    I’ll have to give these try, they all sound yummy especially the almond butter!

  • kuyeek lutz

    I agree! I love snacking throughout the day.It’s a lot better for your body instead of eating huge meals.

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    KUYEEK’s blog

  • Juliette Laura

    All of your food looks delish. I love that it is all healthy and yummy. Lovely photos as well!

  • Liz Lauren

    Same here! I love snacking but need to stop eating unhealthy stuff

  • S.

    Great options, I’m hungry just looking at these beautiful photos :)

  • YP

    i am obsessed with seaweed snacks, i eat 2-3 packs a day and i think i have a problem. haha. at 50 calories each it seems like a great way to keep my snacking cravings at bay. cheers!

  • Amanda Avero

    Yummmyy!!! Toast looks really nice


  • Lina Schelker

    hmmm love seaweed <3

  • Gita

    Yummm I love roasted seaweed, especially the soy flavored one. I keep them in the fridge so they last forever and stay crispy.

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  • Mariana Paulos

    I would love to try some of those snacks :)


  • Vera

    Great snacks! I cannot wait to try the almond butter.

  • Emma Wilde

    I definitely agree that there’s no leaving the house without a proper breakfast! Doesn’t suit everyone, though, some people simply can’t get anything down when theyve just woken up. I can’t go an entire day without at least one proper meal, which I usually have at lunch. I guess it is mostly a question of what suits your body, what the body is used to. Haven’t tasted all of these snacks, and don’t know if the spread would even be available here in Finland… but might just give them a try 😉 See my blog at

  • Sasa Zoe

    Loves yummy. Nomnomnom<3

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting on a post about your workout routine

  • WOWS

    Hmmmm! Yummy!!!!

    Kisses from

    Today I bring you a LBD outfit…combined with an awesome Salmon effect leather Biker jacket, the perfect rock touch!

  • Mrs C

    I’ve gone Paleo recently, so almond butter is my new thing. Used to love peanut butter but it is not Paleo so switched. Looking forward for your fitness segment, you look fit but not stick thin which I like :)

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  • Lauren S

    i love roasted kale chips with rosemary, so delicious and better than crisps !
    Lauren x
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    I’m also vegan and for breakfast I love oat soaked overnight with fruits -banana must, kiwi, frozen berries, any nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, 1 tbs pure cacao powder and almond butter. I’d like to try kale chips we don’t have them here unfortunately.


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  • Ana T. Garcia

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  • lepetitmondedeJulie
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    looks like everybody like this… but in belgium, we like lots of brown/white bread with NUTELLA and coffee/thea… no veggies in the morning…***… a new experience to hear…

  • Jules

    Thanks for those tips, I love Whole Foods! Can’t wait for your fitness post, cause you have an awesome body! :)

  • Nikki Williams

    yum! i wanna try that almond butter!


  • Nasreen Osman

    I totally agree with eating many little snacks/meals throughout the day rather than traditional lunch then dinner etc but saying that, I need to put into practice now 😛 thanks for the great ideas!
    Lazy Obsession

  • Ohwyeh