May 11, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset
I must admit I’m not very good at doing my makeup- I get lazy and I always end up doing the same ‘smudgy eye’ look. However, Sephora sent over a box of beauty products for spring so I’ve been trying to step up my game as of late. Last week, I tried a super subtle cat eye using Sephora felt liquid eyeliner with a pepto-bismol pink lip aka Sephora matte lip color in ‘Nude Pink Luster’.

If you guys could pass along some makeup ideas that would be awesome!

  • nadia

    karla can i ask what camera you’re using at the moment? Also i think dewy skin is so fresh and classic. The best cream contour is the TomFord Shade and Illuminate, it’s really nice and easy to use because it’s build able. Oh and if you like to glow in the best way, RMS Beauty have a illuminator that looks like water on the skin and Oskia Get up and Glow is a really beautiful serum that makes everything really fresh and dewy. Also i think your lips would suit Nars Velvet Lipliner in Patong Beach the colour is that ‘your lips but better look’. But i love that zoe kravitz and olsen twin make up style so these are some of my favourite products . Hope you can reply. Nadia x

    • Guest

      She always reads her comments but she never replies back. Not sure why though.

      • nadia

        yeah its okay, she’s probably busy with her new clothing line. Gonna be good

        • Guest

          Nah if she can tweet or Instagram she sure as hell can answer her viewers questions. Priorities I guess. Her blog has become her job. Most of her posts are sponsored anyways.

    • karladeras

      Nadia! I’m so sorry it took me so long to get back to you.. promise to be better about answering comments in a timely manner. Anyway, I’m using a Fuji x100t at the moment. Also, I’ve always been a fan of Ashley Olsen’s makeup so I’m def gonna try some of the products you recommended! xo

  • With Or Without Shoes

    Nice and natural makeup!

    Kisses from

  • Monika

    I very rarely use makeup unless I feel like a punchy lip color or a bit of black eyeliner. Still, I’d use something like the makeup you’re wearing since it just has a nice dewy/natural look to it.


  • La Bijoux Bella

    Adoringly a very beautiful image … With a lethal combination of edgy, sporty and sexy! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    • Jeann Liew


  • Cherie Tang

    Lovely simple look, I think you’d also suit a subtle warm smokey eye as well! :)


    Just stunning! You look flawless and the winged liner really does suit you!

    xx, mel

  • millennielle

    gorgeous! i’m also trying to switch up my makeup look — lately I’ve been playing around with a heavier cat eye but i’m thinking i want to try a more fuss-free look for summer too. i’m still on the hunt for the perfect matte rose/nude lip color!
    xo, coco |

  • Clare

    Stick with natural looking for now. I’ve been addicted to many a youtube video on how to get the looks I want. I’m THAT person- watching youtube,pressing pause, applying the makeup just like the video, hit play, pause, play. It’s a long process, but after a while, mastering basic techniques really go a long way. I’ve also learned that patience really does pay off! Good luck!

    Clare | Understated Classics

  • sof

    it’s weird but since i cut my waist-length hair (now it’s only like an inch longer than yours) i started experimenting with makeup as well, trying other stuff apart from the usual natural makeup. so i’ve found that colourful eyeshadows look better with shorter hair. i love blue/turquoise eyeshadows in particular. i am currently using an ysl eye pencil in matte turquoise blue as an eye shadow and i apply some beige eyeshadow on top of it to lighten it, or a shimmery beige/brown eyeshadow, depends on the colour and intensity i want to give. as for lips, i use shisheido’s rd 722 lipstick, which is the perfect nude for me, and when i go for subtler eyes, i mix a beige lip pencil with green undertones with chanel’s rouge allure 116 envoutante, making a light plum/brownish shade, which i think looks flattering on any skin colour. but i think you should try some blue-ish eyeshadow, it will look great on you

  • Danika Maia

    You have the most incredible face I can’t handle it! Those lips omg. Be still my beating heart.

    Danika Maia


  • Roxy Emary

    You look so flawless and that eyeliner is on pointttt.

    Roxy |

  • Shiya Alice

    What! Your makeup looks gorgeous! Love the post.

    xo, Alice
    Miss Inconnue || Etsy Shop

  • Alex B.

    I’m very much like you, most times I do some eyeliner, colored if I feel fancy & mascara, again colored if I feel fancy. Sometimes powder. And never lipstick. So yeah I ain’t the one for make up tips.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  • Jacquie

    probably breaking the rules a bit, but i lightly dust gold highlight all over my when i want that ‘glo’ xxx

  • Laila

    Love the short hair, and that cat eyeliner is so awesome, I have to learn how to do it! xx

  • Nico
  • Karin Howell

    Love this post! I feel like the goal for a female is to always look like we’re are wearing nothing when we are!!!


    A Versatile Street Style Blog

    Fault For Fashion

  • Prudence Yeo

    I am not very good with make-up too and always stick to the same techniques. But I think your make-up here is really pretty and very natural so it’s definitely something I will love to try on myself!


  • JessNini

    Hi Karla!
    Been following you for awhile now!! Really love this! So far for someone who says they are not good at makeup are doing fantastic. I think overall lashes are very important when it comes to a nice subtle look. If you want something more natural definitely focus on the skin and use a luminizer for a sun kissed look. Nice lips BTW :)

  • Pree @ Bombshell Antics

    These pictures are amazing!! And that lip color… so awesome!! I suck at eye make up. LOL. Back to the lippie. I love it. I wonder if it will work on dark complexions. Either way it works beautifully on you!

  • Dana

    All these sponsored blogposts are nice and everything but what happened to your workout posts?!

  • Denise

    Your eyeliner is AMAZING!

  • Hanaa

    you look gorgeous, nothing can beat the natural look , what camera you’re using !

  • Whitney V

    Love what you did there! I’m the same, but it’s good to try out new things… You see the liquid eyeliner is such a tricky thing, but you did so well!! I really love the Nars’ one as it is just so easy to apply well!


  • mybeautrip .com

    Amazing pics. Love you eyeliner!


  • Carolyn

    what! I think you’re great at doing makeup — at least on your own face, which is what counts. your smudgy look is always on point!

  • Little Miss Mon Bon (Monique)

    The cat eye is gorgeous! You should definitely whip it out more often! It is so easy to get super lazy with makeup – we tend to stick to what we know works and what is easy.

  • CarlyConnersKenihan

    Need that Nude Pink Luster! Looks great on you!

  • nadia

    kill ’em

  • Tracy

    Your pictures are amazing! Love natural makeup looks!

  • am2pmchic

    Beautiful, you look naturally flawless.

  • Michelle

    You’re look is so amazing! I would love to have the skills even to do just a smudged eye.

  • Currently Wearing

    Love this makeup of yours, Karla.



  • Unomatchshop

    you look so cute!

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  • Kasienka

    Your makeup looks gorgeous!

  • NoOvernightGuests

    I like your makeup look, more natural.

  • MsSole

    Haha at the title! Absolutely love the barely there makeup!

    I blog here:

  • Sara Nuša Golob Grabner

    Beautiful photos

  • Daphne Blunt

    hahaha ON FLEEK!

    xx Daphne

  • Amy Bui

    Gorgeous shots…I love all NARS products.

  • Woin

    I love the idea of a 1 CM-long eyeliner flick being called “super subtle,” haha. It’s definitely not subtle but it looks great!

  • life is a shoe

    you look amazing!


  • StaceyLavueManhattan

    I think you did a great job and you’re sexy to me.

    • vidalmason

      Stacey what are your thoughts on Are their products safe to use? I always love your opinion.

      • StaceyLavueManhattan

        Great brand and their products are fantastic. Totally safe.

        • vidalmason

          Thank you. I guess so. A lot of people are talking about them.

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  • Jeann Liew

    super love this subtle cat eye winged! yeah, am not too good with my makeup too *_^ Love this look of yours and love the way you treated the pic

    I super love your real short hair cut but I guess you decided to keep it long now… always, you look great!


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