June 1, 2015

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Processed with VSCOcam with k1 preset
This t-shirt (more like a sliver of fabric to be honest) has become useful in ways I did not expect. I wore it tucked into a Rebecca Taylor lace skirt and some strappy sandals by Aquazzura for an afternoon out in the city. Super feminine and super easy.

  • millennielle

    Love this!

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous, gorgeous look! Perfection – loving the Rebecca Taylor skirt and the cut of the top!


  • It’s About L.A
  • With Or Without Shoes

    Lovely lace skirt!

    Kisses from

  • Lovejoy Styles

    you forgot super sexy!

  • Desirèe

    amazing, love the skirt!

  • Monika

    Whoa I’m obsessing over this look! Love it and I like the way the shirt is gathered a bit in the back.


  • La Bijoux Bella

    So demure & alluring that reflects a dash of sexy and chic. Simply beautiful. :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Berty Morales

    But that skirt THO! Karla in love with this entire look!

  • Madelaine DeRose

    damn girl! i loose it! it is like the vavavoom version of my white-summer-look (
    much love,

  • Natassia Crystal

    You look gorgeous in that dress! :)
    Love the walking shot! :)
    Geekette in High Heels

  • Vilte

    How gorgeous are these pictures!

  • Ari Camacho

    Love how you styled this!!

  • GoFashiondeals

    Beautiful look. Love the lace skirt.

  • Eden Mint

    Beautiful outfit love this look for summer!

  • Caspar Jones

    Your just so stylish with everything you put together because you have a natural elegance. I can’t wait for ‘The Line By K’ – I think it’s going to be wonderful. Always one of my favourite bloggers!

  • Karen Farber

    I am in love with this look! The outfit is gorgeous, and love the vintage-y look of the pictures and setting

  • Z.

    I love how you take basics and turn them into staple pieces. Cannot wait for thelinebyk.


  • Liv



  • Carolyn

    dreamy quality to these photos! looking amazing as always

  • ✿Junebug ✿

    I’m obsessed with this dress! You are so gorgeous!!!

  • Marquise C Brown

    Love everything about this look. So sexy


  • Laila

    Your outftis are always so femenine and sexy, and they fit you so great! love them! xx

  • eu

    I´m curious – where did you actually go wearing this outfit with a very serious case of sideboob?

  • Prudence Yeo

    Wow, very sexy top and the lace skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Such a striking all-white outfit, beautiful!


  • Whitney V

    Alwas a fan on your personal take on tees & your body confidence… You always look amazing, sexy but also cool, a combo that not every girl can pull off!!


  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Uma Gokhale

    In love with the tattoos!

  • Peyton Simms

    This is fabulous


  • coffeeslag

    Your hair. It’s GORG.


    Mango Favorites

  • Диляна Табакова

    So sexy and femnine <3 I love it :)

  • Ivana

    You look amazing in that dress!

  • lavieenliz

    love the lace skirt

  • Lisa Adams

    I love everything but the “tucked in” top. I think the top is a miss because the tail extends to much into the beauty of the skirt.. . . . .that’s just one problem I have with it, but it’s the top that is throwing the look off. . .

  • Carina

    Oh what a daring shirt! You look great in it :) Love the lace detail not he rebecca taylor skirt, its so so pretty!!

    x, Carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  • Charlotte Everaert

    natural beauty!
    xo Charlotte –

  • Gianna White

    This is so simple but so sexy yet so feminine all at the same time with the lace and the barely-there top! Gorgeous ! Love it!

  • Nico

    Def breathtaking!

    How to wear a blazer for work, university and school on
    lb-lc fashion blog

  • Nadiin.a

    the dress, the nails, the tattoo… amazing!

  • lynn zodumo Boxoza

    Gorgeous! Always on point. Pure Perfection

  • Karina Austin

    Simple but so significant, honestly have been following you for years and I finally started my blog because of you!!! Flyest fashion blogger!!! please would be honored if you checked my blog out

  • mybeautrip .com

    Wooow! So stylish!


  • Sara Nuša Golob Grabner


  • Chloé

    Wow! You look stunning… And your face is really beautiful.. Keep it up! :)

  • foodfashionandflow
  • Anna

    such a beautiful dress!!! love it

  • Emmanuelle

    This outfit is super cool !

  • am2pmchic

    Gorgeous dress.

  • Rei Toei

    I think the tanlines actually make it sexier

  • EE

    In the case of sitting down…will the front piece just bulge out? Conceptually, it is fab.

  • NoOvernightGuests


  • M Brown

    Love the skirt but the top looks homemade and overly exposed. BTW your shoe game is on point.

  • Denise

    That dress is A DREAM! It could be not more sensual.

  • Kruna Poštić
  • Ramya

    What a stunning outfit! White lace is so effortlessly chic, what do you think of our street style editorial?

  • Jaket Kulit

    be a reflection and a lot of knowledge to visit this blog and interesting to read thanks admin, my site can visit much koleksi leather jacket.

  • Jeanne Canto

    Amazing cut.

  • Alyssa Nicolette

    How on Earth did you keep the top tucked and from moving?

  • Nera

    I am in love with this look! The outfit is gorgeous, and love the vintage-y look of the pictures and setting

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