July 14, 2015

Over the past year or so, I’ve been very focused on learning about other women- how they’re wired, the way they carry themselves, and how they interact with one another. What is especially admirable is a woman who does what what she wants without asking for permission. The correct term for that is not confidence, because anyone can pretend to be confident. I’d like to think this is being FEARLESS. Being fearless is liberating, rejuvenating, being bold, being blunt. It’s about not allowing others’ opinions of you to consume your mind. it’s about being comfortable with who you are and owning that right. Being fearless is definitely easier said than done, but its a principle I try to follow. The Line by K is my love letter to the women in my life who exemplify fearlessness and encourage the women who wear these pieces to feel the same.

The Line by K is simply a collection of pieces to compliment your favorite things in your closet. The pieces reflect what you would wear to run errands or go to the airport- because you should never underestimate the importance of looking good while doing even the most mundane of errands. Ultimately, I just want women to feel good about themselves without feeling the need to edit or aspire to be some sort of “perfect.” The Line by K is not about being picture perfect.

I hope you enjoy The Line by K as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it all together, and most importantly I hope it makes you feel sexy… and fearless.

Oh p.s. I shot a little video at the beach in the ‘Mari’ tee, check that out here. xo

  • Guest

    So you worked a year on only 3 basic designs? Wish there was more variety on items to choose from. And it’s kind of disturbing to know that your little brother shot the video. Wow.

    • karladeras

      I worked on every aspect of the project all by myself- from applying for permits/licenses to content creation, fabric sourcing and configuring the website. I have no team, no assistants which is why I’m so proud of myself. I made this all from scratch and it’ll continue to grow. You cannot run if you don’t learn to crawl first.

      • SouthernRam

        There’s no need to explain yourself or your art. Just continue being fearless, K.

      • Guest

        Oh ok. I get it now. Congrats girl! :) can’t wait to see more!

      • Firoza

        “You cannot run if you don’t learn to crawl first”?? But you come from a rich family, so no… Your struggle isn’t comparable as someone who really had to start from the bottom.

        • AMD

          What does her family’s wealth have to do with anything? If she did/is doing something that she is proud of, then let her shine. Every one has their own definition of struggle, and I’m sure she’s worked just as hard as someone who “really had to start at the bottom” to get where she is today. Stop being biased and ignorant.

          • Guest

            Can you be completely sure of that? Anyone in the struggle would have the same opinion- her wealth definitely helped. Those Louboutins didn’t come from struggling

          • R_R R

            How do you know how wealthy she is or even where she gets her money from? What a stupid comment which obviously reeks of envy. You make fool of yourself when you criticize people whose lives you know nothing about.

          • guest

            she is rich. who paid for her school? her parents. who’s is paying for all her fancy vacation trips? her parents. Those amazing camera and lenses she’s using for her blog, who paid for them? her parents. I respect bloggers who REALLY HAD TO START FROM SCRATCH more than her.

          • R_R R

            Oh honey, you just reek of jealousy. You can’t buy style or taste (no matter how much money you have) and Karla has both. I don’t care if all of it was paid for by someone else, I love personally love the new line. So….there.

          • guest

            nah not jealous. I’m happy with my life, thank you. And I love her line too, but thats not the point. the point was about her working ‘hard’. anyways, clearly everyone has their own opinion on what ”hard work” means to them. so… there.

      • J. Jehanne

        congratulations! I have been following your blog from its inception and I am so proud of you. I still remember the day you visited my blog and left a comment. I started because of you and I am fearless because of women like you! Congrats again!

  • Guest

    Oh and I just noticed on the video that you got a tattoo on your hip. Looks really dope!! But why do you photoshop them out on your (Instagram)pictures? Because it doesn’t look nice in photos or??? Didn’t you say line by k isn’t about being picture perfect? Not hating, I don’t get it tbh.

    • KittyKatzRcool

      ummmm what was so disturbing about the video that you think it’s weird that her brother shot it? i’m sorry the men in your life are so perverted that apparently they can’t control themselves around you in a bikini — but not every man is as gross and disrespectful as you seem to assume.

      maybe you should wonder why MORE men can’t be respectful of women’s bodies, and do professional work without perverted thoughts coming to mind. i personally love that her brother shot it, and i imagine that those moments she was smiling, it was from inside jokes they have. i’m super close to my siblings too and i wouldn’t trade my family relationships with the ones i have with “outsiders” for ANYTHING in the world. it would be an honor to be able to create something even marginally close to what karla has done, with the help of my family.

      get your hating ass mind out of the gutter, and stop pinpointing and criticizing mundane things like her tattoos – i’m not even sure what tattoo youre referring to, and don’t really care to know either. you’re entirely way too obsessed with her to have even noticed that. get help.

      • Guest

        You must be blind if you can’t see the tattoo on her hip. It’s stupid of her to photoshop that out in her photos. Shouldn’t she embrace and love herself?

        Apart from the million ass shots, and legs wide open, yes the smiling shots and touching hair are cute and everything. But hey to each his own I guess. I rather let my bf or a professional shoot butt than my little brother or dad.
        And to @Betty: I don’t think it’s soft porn. It’s just a way of expressing her clothing line. I like it.

        • KittyKatzRcool

          given that neither of us know the story behind the tattoo or its significance, maybe you should just stop harping on about it. a lot of models and professionals hide their tattoos on the job to keep a more clean, professional look — whats your point, and what does it have to do with karla’s line, her message and/or her how much she loves herself? what if the tattoo has a personal meaning, and it’s just not one that she wants to share or be asked about every time she posts an entry on her blog?

          also there’s a thing called video editing… nobody said her brother was zooming in on her ass the entire time. you can easily crop the frame to zoom in on details and/or cut out snippets to emphasize whatever artistic perspective you’re going for. how do you know if her brother isn’t studying photography or trying to make a career out of his work behind the camera? and even if he isn’t — if he’s game to help his sister build her business, what the fuck is it to you??? why do you think you have the right to tell karla how to spend her own money by hiring a professional videographer? do you even know her relationship status, for you to tell her to “find a boyfriend”??

          JESUS. stop nitpicking, and stop acting so dense… you’re smarter than this, at least i really hope you are.

          • Guest

            dude chill!! I was just wondering about the tattoo. And everybody has their own opinion on her video ok. Just because I find things weird doesn’t mean I can’t say something about it.
            And I never told her to “find a boyfriend” wtf dude.
            Won’t come back to this blog anymore. Because you apparently can’t read. Bye Felicia.

    • betty

      I was holding my breath, giving this girl to prove herself , but again she proves me right, soft porn,, wheres the style wheres the actual design. Just more nude half naked pics. Boring… and nothing spectafular! Just more opp to show nudies.

      • betty

        Also if you dont want to hear ppl response dont post nude half nude pics. And ppl who feel they have to defend you . Please ppl.. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • betty

    LOL Soft POrn. Good job!!

  • Guest

    I don’t know why people don’t like to see others succeed. Some people don’t understand you have to start somewhere. I think this is a great start and if they have been following your blog, this collection would make sense to them. “The Line by K is simply a collection of pieces to compliment your favorite things in your closet” – These items are perfect for that. Basics. . but not so basic.
    Its exciting to see you grow! I cant wait to see what’s to come. Keep doing what you’re doing boo.

    • Guest

      I happy for her success. But come on. She didn’t start from scratch. Im sure all these amazing cameras/lenses and equipments are provided by her rich family.

      • Guest

        YESS!! EXACTLY what I was thinking

      • Guest

        Hard work?! Lol karla never had to struggle. What she know about hard work? You were born rich.

  • La Bijoux Bella

    Simply fabulous … Self confidence is the best outfit … Rock it & own it! A big congratulation to your work! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Iliana
  • Natassia Crystal

    Confidence and fearlessness are great qualities! You seem to have it in great quantities! :)

    I’m still working on it… it’s a rocky road!

    Twitter | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  • Audrey

    Karla, I’m SO proud of you girly! :) I started checking out your blog back in 08; I’ve checked back in here from time to time over the years when I’ve been able. This is my first time leaving a comment. We’re in the same age group. Just as we’re evolving as people, so does our style & things that appeal to our eye. Just as the internal is refined, so is the external. It’s unfortunate that people can’t understand that. I love that you took the initiative to do a line under your own helm as opposed to being approached by companies like many bloggers are. It speaks about your love and dedication (of the true and genuine variety) in seeing such an endeavor through. I wish you the very best in The Line by K and look so forward to seeing how that evolves as well! :) Know that every time I wear one of these pieces, I’ll be wearing them with pride and a smile because it’s a product of your passion and work! Congratulations, Karla! :)

    Ps – Totally forgot! I noticed a few months back that your pictures have this really cool and crisp composition. I’m not sure if you changed cams but it gives them such a sharp and sophisticated feel. What camera/lens are you using, if you don’t mind me asking? Loving it!

  • lavieenliz

    such a great look

    Giveaway on my blog!

  • Sassy24

    Where can we find this clothing line?

  • Lorena
  • NoOvernightGuests

    Congratulations on creating your own clothing line! I love the collection.

  • Dee

    “What is especially admirable is a woman who does what what she wants without asking for permission.” Yes. This. Congratulations on this new endeavor, Karla. It sounds like you put a lot of time and effort into bringing it to fruition and that’s nothing to sneeze at!

    Dee |

  • Lovejoy Styles

    i’d love to meet you one day. You seem very down to earth and I can tell you don’t take yourself too seriously. A job well done on the line… haters to the left please! <<<<<

  • The Neon Factor

    Awesome outfit!!
    || D I A N A ||

  • With Or Without Shoes

    Love total whites!

    Kisses from

  • Mercedes Marie

    So inspiring and love how different and unique your blog and line are. It takes a lot to step out and do something like this. Congrats on your line and looking forward to seeing your growth continue. Slay on gurrrrl!!!

    Mercedes Marie

  • Jessi

    Love this off the shoulder look with those heels! Very chic.

    XO, Jessi

  • Whitney V

    Congrats beauty, loving the pieces! That skirt looks so comfy, cool, and easy to wear! Good job, well done, and keep making us bloggers proud!! Lots of love and success in all your endeavors!! x


  • Dominique
  • Camilla Ackley

    This is so amazing! I’ve been reading KC for years and years now and watching your style evolve has been so inspiring; I’m sure this venture is going to hit the big time, you have such a way with shapes and fit!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • MilkVelvet

    If you really did these all by yourself then bravo! Great shots!

  • coffeeslag

    I feel like I always see you in white. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a classic look and you look great in it!


    COFFEESLAG Music Spotlight: Brand New

  • Firoza

    I spy a cute buttchin on the second pic :-)

  • Blue Labels Boutique

    Congrats! That’s a great achievement and definitely fearless! Loving your skirt!

  • Tina

    im one your biggest fans, I have been following you from the jump. I have the same hair cut yada yada….

    Ive been looking at the clothes everyday, thinking it was a bit pricey but daily window shopping without purchasing….Then I read your description on this post, and how you described it as “pieces to compliment your favorite things in your closet.” then i bought two items!

    You da bae! Get your marketing on girl!

    Tell these jerks to stop scrutinizing your body. Yall need to back up, whether she has a tattoo or not blah blah. Back up!


  • Asia Cheyenne Ali

    Love you!!! Cant wait for my stuff to come in the mail!

  • Guest

    i was really disappointed/underwhelmed by the line. $50 for a simple tshirt? and the sizes/fit of the pieces don’t seem to cater to what most women look like.

    • Firoza

      There’s nothing special about the line tbh. You can find those things on eBay too if you’re on a budget. The bodysuit with the snap buttons for example are all over the Internet for less than 90.

  • Lydia Hudgens

    I just got this skirt in the mail in black & it’s literally everything girl. The fabric on all my pieces are GORGEOUS, yes $50 for a top is pricey but only if you’re shopping at lower end stores // the quality is definitely there & totally comparable to tops you find at high end retailers. Can’t wait to wear the skirt !! <3

    • Guest

      lol buying a tshirt for less than $50 doesnt mean you shop at lower end stores

      • Lydia Hudgens

        Ha okay well I meant to say that for the QUALITY this shirt feels really high end. I don’t know of many shirts of a comparable quality (that I’ve found) for less.

    • Vanessa Neomy

      If you dont mind me asking what size did you get? is it very stretchy?

      • Lydia Hudgens

        I got a size M, usually a size 8-12 depending on the brand. Or a M-L but I’m very hippy, like 42-44inches down below, with a tiny waist. It fits like a glove and is super stretchy. Had a time wriggling it over my hips at first since it’s brand new but once I got the waist in place it was PERFECT. Also – that’s always an issue. Tiny waist/big hip problems.

        • Vanessa Neomy

          thanks :) thats usually my problem also I have huge hips

  • Morgan

    Hi Karla!

    I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning, and I’ve always been inspired by your fearlessness. I love that you are committed to being you and expressing yourself exactly as you need to- we need more empowered women to step out and do the same. Wishing you every success with your line and every area of your life- thank you for fearlessly putting yourself out there! xxx

  • mybeautrip .com

    You look amazing in this total white outfit.


  • A Creative Cliche

    Your style is always impeccable! You are still such a style icon to me 6 years later!

  • Jessica Franklin

    can’t wait to get mine in the mail!! been following your blog for years, it’s really nice to see the growth.

  • pslilyboutique

    Love the laced-up heels :)


  • disgusto-barfo

    Is the top you’re wearing in these photos available? obsessed.

  • R I A

    You look beautiful and those pieces are fab! The skirt is just…*insert heart eyed emoji* Congratulations on the new collection x

  • Nomaqhawe

    Love this outfit, how simple yet sexy it is. I hope to be fearless one day!
    XoXo from South Africa

  • BlogTaylordevil

    Your collection is going to be spot on!


  • Nadiin.a
  • Vanessa Neomy

    Love the fact that Nadia is in your line rocking it for the girls with crazy hips! I just really wanna know if it will fit me and what size Nadia is wearing? Just so I know what size to get I would really appreciate a response!

  • Danae García

    I ABOSLUTLY LOVE IT!! CONGRAT KARLA!!I’ve been following since the bigining and you are FEARLESS and SEXY and a GREAT example to follow!! CONGRATS on the line and good job! I really love it!! xoxo

    NEW BLOG POST!! Today we are back with SERIES “OUTFITS OF THE WEEK” – a post full of inspiration for your everyday looks!!! Check it out!!

  • Tara Pion

    Ouh I love your style girl ! It’s so perfect you are my inspo for fashion :)
    And also love this post it’s inspiring too..

    I am not fearless for sure – what a pity for me or anyone else who feel the same :).

  • Cio

    Love your line to death!

    – x

  • Chrissy Gaston

    off shoulder look with those heels! Amazing total white outfit which always
    enhance the persona.

  • christina

    I love the pieces so much Karla!!!! Are there any discount codes?

  • betty

    Your designs are very much Helmut Lang designs . SO i dont really see any original, most young girls arent familiar with Langs designs , So i say show us something you didnt copy .. An original. Your shirt and styles that you say are original by you are just copies of the Amazing Helmut Lang design esthetic!

  • OY3AH!


  • Antoinette

    Your top is GORG. Can you tell me where u got it from ?

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