October 27, 2014

Starting off my fitness segment by focusing on lower body workouts…
Always start by warming up the body, you can jump rope for 15 minutes or run a couple miles. The whole point is to get your heart rate up.

Squat pulses: Start with your feet hip-width apart and arms stretched out in front of you. Drop down towards the ground and pretend like you’re sitting in a chair, making sure your knees are never over your toes. Hold that seated squat position and move one a couple inches and down. Put all of your weight into the heels, so you can really focus on your butt. Pulse for 20-30 seconds, do 3x.
Calf raises: Wrap your right leg behind your left achilles and raise that heel by extending your ankle as high as possible and flexing your calf. Switch legs and repeat, do 3 sets of 20.
Weighted lunge pulses: Use five- to ten-pound weights with your arms to your sides. Step forward like a regular lunge. Lunge down partially and begin pulsing up and down, moving only a couple inches. Make sure you never stand up during the exercise and pulse for about 45-seconds, 3x. For an extra challenge, add an extra round and hold the lunge for 30-seconds.
Adductor squats: Place your legs as close together as possible. Pretend you have a tight belt around your thighs. Go down and up as you would do a normal squat, making sure to squeeze the inner thighs together. Do 25 reps, 3x.

These are just a few exercises to get started. Let me know what you think! Wearing vintage sweatshirt I cut up myself, Nike Pro leggings, Nike sports bra, and Nike Free Flyknits.

  • Fashion Snag

    I have to try the squats!

  • WOWS

    Interesting workout!

    Kisses from

  • Guest

    I lo

  • Candice Dodd

    I love doing squats! ! Pulse squats are hard but the results are amazing. I also drink protein shakes as well

  • Nico

    U manage to look stunning even when you are doing sport! Great tips by the way!

    F/W must have on lb-lc fashion blog

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  • Pia Hocevar Mucic
  • Alex B.

    I’ve never heard of these excerises being done as “pulse” versions, will have to give these a try for sure.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    • Nuru Adam

      Pulses deliver. I used a few of these moves like the adductor squats in a squat challenge last month. It is the time under tension that aids muscle development.

  • Dawn Hassan

    Thank you this was very helpful. xxx

  • Hayarpi Zohrabyan

    Good work !! No pain no gain !!

  • The Indie | The Indie Byline

    I stopped working out regularly a while back but posts like these especially from people with bodies like yours definitely make me want to get back on top of those squats again haha, great post and loooove the workout gear

  • Jessica Rose

    What would be even more useful is to watch an instagram video of you performing the exercises……then we check we’re doing them correctly!! 😉

    • janice

      agreed! short videos would have been better!

  • Diana

    I love your sweatshirt!!

    xoxo, Diana

  • Handbagmadness
  • Seerlee Archer

    Looking forward to trying this!

  • Doni Brown

    Yaaasss!!! I love this! I’ve been wanting to know your work out routine forever! And I love this look!

  • disqus_imc7F0jJbT

    Karla! Thank you so much for this! Now we can get our bodies in shape so our clothes look as good on us as they do on you!

  • The Provoker

    Oh wow your work out wear is hella (did I just say hella?) cool! Ripped sweat shirts that way is ever so celine. By the way, check out my newest outfit post featuring one body con
    (body condom haha) white jumpsuit and CHANEL Candy necklace and bracelet
    from the Chanel Shopping Center show!! Or just click away to find out
    why my post is entitled the “N” letter, not the word #PROVOKED


  • Eye Like Fashion

    Love this post. I wholeheartedly believe in squats. Biweekly!

  • BougieHippie

    Don’t forget to start on them abs now so you’ll be ready for summer.

  • lavieenliz
  • Lindsey

    I love it!

  • Prudence Yeo

    Very stylish sports wear, cool!


  • Maggie A

    This is awesome… because you have an AMAZING body. I hope you keep up with posts like these 😀

    Maggie A

  • Simona

    great workout, I am a jump rope addict!


    Lake&Moon Fall capsule wardrobe

  • Whitney V

    Great tips, you def inspire me to workour, thanks for sharing!! x


  • Currently Wearing

    I think it is a great way to start. Will definitely give it a try! Thank you for sharing.


  • arantxa
  • Dominique
  • Olivia

    Thanks for these ideas- it is nice to mix in new things to the routine… will you do a post sometime about how you cut and alter your tops?

  • Minna

    Thanks for sharing, Karla! I’ve been waiting for this so long! Can’t wait for more xx

  • anisimeoku dago

    I’ll definitely try them out tomorrow morning xx

    New on Head Enough

  • Cher

    got to get back into the grind!

  • Veena

    You look gorgeous in active wear! And those squats are killer but the results are worth it! Thanks for sharing those warm ups, I’ll definitely try them out the next time I hit the gym.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  • Noelia Papin

    Goog Whorkout!!

  • janice

    sponsored by Nike?

  • Clara Castellanos

    mmm interesting! What are your goals by doing that workout? Cardio focus? Toned up muscles? It is always important to know the objectives as different people might need different things…
    In terms of the sportwear I love the leggings, bra and sneakers you are wearing. The top, a bit ample its perfect for non-plyometric workouts otherwise I would opt for a tighter version…

  • angela strauss

    love workout posts!

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  • Kelly Gee

    Thanks Karla for the post! x

  • NoOvernightGuests

    Even working out you look chic. Geez, I look homeless when I’m working out.

  • sohairobsessed

    Haven’t tried pulse squats at all but am going to add it to my weights regime and see what happens! Going to Jamaica next July and need all the help I can get!

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  • ManitaSingh

    Thats how you get that FAB body! Thanks for sharing your workout!

  • Mimi

    Thank you! Always wanted to know what your workouts are.

  • the stylish vagabond

    I’m gonna have to try out this workout

  • sof

    thanks for the workout routine! two questions though; how many times per week should one do those exercises and how long will it be before you start seeing the results on your body?

  • Lena Charon

    Thanks for this, I’m going to try it out. You are my uber fitso. Do you think you could post or link to helpful instructional videos?

  • Cristina Fogale

    Karla! Thank you so much for this.Please post more workout tips!


    Hi Karla!! I’m a huge fan of your but not only that, I have watched your body transform into this sick physique! whats the real secret. What did you do other than just your work out. What is your transformation story?? #inspired

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